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An association for Jewish Renewal rabbinic pastors, chaplains and students

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The Rabbinic Pastors Association (RPA) brings together ordained rabbinic pastors and other similarly trained Jewish clergy to participate in the transformation and renewal of Judaism. Providing a network of collegial support, the RPA offers opportunities for sharing in all areas of Jewish learning, life and practice, with a special focus on spiritual care. Through our diverse work we are reawakening a vibrant Judaism that connects with the Divine flow and takes as its pillars: prayer and meditation, sacred study and creative living. We are committed to Tikkun Olam – healing the earth; creating a society with love and caring at its center; and empowering human beings, especially those disenfranchised. Through our deepening spiritual practices, we seek Divine wisdom and guidance in our work and in our lives. As rabbinic pastors, we expect high ethical standards from all of our members. We respect and honor a diversity of Jewish expression in our membership and activities.

Associated with: OHALAH, the Association of Rabbis and Cantors for Jewish Renewal, a transdenominational association of rabbis, cantors, and students of these professions. The Rabbinic Pastors Association is a branch of OHALAH and includes rabbinic pastors, chaplains, and students. The RPA is also associated with ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal and the ALEPH Ordination Programs.

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